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ACTOR, PANEL BEATER , SUCCESSFULL BUSINESS MAN, STUD MUFFIN & AWESOME DANCER Michael "Mickey" ryan is a young kells native who has a very successfull business as a panel beater and business owner, and is also largely known for his heart to heart sessions with his favourite employee "senco" while relaxing in the darkness of his amazing purpose built spray of late michael"mickey" ryan has made many tv apperances for rte in an ever enjoyable long running programme called crime which michael " mickey" ryan has had to spend many tiresome nights racing aroun the roads of meath under the cover of darkness while chased by gardai.. .. michael " mickey " ryan has had many memorable lines but none so memorable as " lets get the fu@ck out of here" as featured in his latest role as a get away driver (2012) his main catch phrase that is used regularly used in real life is i will "in me hole" early 2013 looks to be a promising time for young michael "mickey " ryan as he intends to take on more diverse roles in major up coming movies ,rumour has it he`s been approched in many occasions by stephan spielberger ( also kells native but not to be confused with the hollywood director)for a leading part in a up coming movie based loosely on his life.... as a panel beater who offers comfort and solice to his employees in a dark spray booth...... in a recent interview michael " mickey" ryan has been quoted as sayin" its the role ive been born to play i only comes around once in a lifetime...... if i didnt do it id be doin the world an me hole....and curse of jeasus on it…

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