Michael de Jesus (born in London, England is a British rapper best known for fronting two now-defunct hip hop groups - Spivey and The Lions (2010-11) and The Solace Lions (2011-11). Spivey and The Lions signed with an indie record label and were slated to release their debut single 'Knock Down Da Yard' in early 2011 but disputes between Spivey and other members of the band led to the group splitting before any musical materal was released. During an online interview with member Davan Grayson, it was revealed that the reason the group split was due to what him and other members perceived to be an 'overempthasis' on Michael; other members 'could barely provide backing vocals'. A spokesperson for Michael stated that 'any claims that the label favoured Michael is untrue' and that 'what ultimately led to the band's downfall was a lack of motivation on the part of other members; they would rather be on their BlackBerry's when in the recording studio and Michael provided the sole professionalism of the group'. In late 2011, during a session on Ustream with his fans, Michael revealed that he would be fronting a new band managed by his cousin, and that auditions for band members would commence in the fall. On Michaels' official Facebook page, the name of the new band was unveiled as The Solace Lions. However, no news materialised regarding the new band and during a Twitter Q&A, Michael revealed that he was 'taking some time off' but would return with solo music. Despite this, no new music was released throughout 2012. During the beginning of December, Michael's cousin expressed an interest in forming a new group on Twitter. This has led to an online petition being set up by Michael's fans to encourage his involvement in the new band.

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