Michael Ocansey is a software developer who bases in Accra, Ghana, in West Africa. He runs websites such as, and the Michael Ocansey has been a software developer a minimum of 12 years now. His experience in software development stemed way back when he was a part of the Esoko Team.

Michael Ocansey can boast of programming languages such as PHP, Python and Javascript, of which he describes as his favorite. He believes these are the programming languages the "clients money can speak."

Even though he is very well advanced in programming, he attributes this fact to his relentless personal studies and researches he did online. Michael clearly used websites like and dhtmlgoodies to the full, thereby unleashing his best potentials.

Michael is an old student of Mfantsipim Senior High School and he furthered his education at Regent University College of Technology to pursue BSc. Accounting. To his suprise, he left school to pursue other serious businesses of his. It is after being a school drop - not because of financial constraints and/or poor grades - however, to simply get much time to enhance and advance his start-up company, the Kursor Solutions.

An excuse he gives for his initial dislike for his tertiary education was that, the accounting was getting "boring". He wanted to get involved in active work, but the accounting was not what he expected. In addition, Michael believes his lectures were not doing him any good.

After abondoning his course of accounting, he joined the Open University. Abondoned that too, and went to SMU. Interestingly, he abondoned that too.

Michael has a mentor - Mark Davies. Mark Davies was Michael's boss at his former job at Esoko. Michael admits Mark Davies was his UI mentor.

Michael is currently working in partnership with the founder of nCodeDevLabs to launch the next biggest website in Africa.

Kursor Solutions currently employs no one, with no office; everything virtual and remote.

Michael blogs too and has many articles to his credit that many enjoy reading.

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