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Micheal Moore is a year 10 student at albany junior high school

He spent most of his career searching for an explanation to why there was a piece of gum under his desk he eventually went to court on the subject and accused Min Kyu Kim of putting gum under his desk

Michael Moore started his life in Blenheim in the south island of a small distinct country called new zealand he quickly made his way to auckland where he bagan living his life as an inventor which eventually ended up failing miserably at the age of 3 months when he discovered that he could not slow down the speed of light and harness it make his rocket ship move half the speed of light. he then became very depressed and decided he needed to do something worthwhile with his life so he became CEO of apple computer inc for officially 12 seconds and was then fired for farting in a meeting with the board. he then decided that he should actually go to school instead of just randomly finding jobs that he would be fired from because he was not qualified. he began school at the age of 5 years 3 months 20 days 20 hours and 36 minutes. (he could not supply me with seconds. he was found school much more simple than being CEO of apple computer inc and quickly learned his way around english maths and science. he was so good in fact that he managed to skip year 3 (the easiest year to skip!) and quickly moved to intermediate at albany junior high. he is knowingly infamously here because he got bored one day in ICT with mr **** as the teacher and found a piece of gum. he quickly began using his forensic science skills to decipher the who had put gum under his desk. he eventually found out who it was after putting in countless millions of dollars of research that the culprit was non other than the super genius min kyu kim and quickly filed a lawsuit for a laugh. he ended up winning the court case after 3 weeks of trial. Min kyu then had to pay Michael Moore 1 cent for putting gum under his desk.

When michael moore moved to Albany Junior High he meet the greatest person who ever lived in a class called 7k22. at the start of the year when a seating plan was arranged he sat next to someone called richard micheel and immediately pissed him off by calling him richard michael! but this is not the greatest person who ever lived no he meet him at the lunchtime that followed he was called by the name of michael moore (that canadian guy who write the book "stupid white men") and immediately called him fat and he left! he then spent 3 months fighting a lawsuit against some ramdom person called Louis Wn who was suing him for getting a better mark than him in a refugees shoe box assignment thing. he ended up losing. this became hard times and for michael and he was in great depression he needed help from his friend dylan nixon. but dylan wasn't of much help as he had other things on his mind like being idle. he was then enlightened as he took a trip to tauranga in year 8 and was amazed by how dull it was! then the most amazing thing happened in year 10 he was officially........... made a year 10 student leader. it was the second happiest moment in his life after becoming ceo of apple computer inc. it came at a good time as well as he had just lost some of his dearest friends as they had all moved to rangitoto college. but something strange was happening to michael as he began seeing cheese everywhere. he thought it was the end of his life he became very scared and began going to courses about getting rid if the cheese in his sight. he eventually recovered at the date of the 30th of feburary 1567 and returned to school where he was hailed a hero for being the only one there as it was wag wednesday and he thought "OH BOTHER" and decided to do all his ncea exam internals on that day and he got enough credits to pass level 3 and went to university where he is currently studying how robots screw on bottle caps!


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