Michael Gianco, also known as "Spider" (July 19, 1954 - June 24, 1970) was an associate of the Lucchese crime family. Michael was hired at the Robert's Lounge by Jimmy Burke at the age of 15.

Early Life

Michael was born in Brownsville on 1954. Michael and his family moved to Queens in the late 1950s. Gianco later dropped out of high school to get involved with the Bonanno syndicate. Gianco's parents didnt like the way his life was going so they dis-owned him.

Assocating with the mob

Most of Gianco's cousins were low-key associates of the Bonanno crime family and half of them turned informant or werent good gangsters and got arrested. When Gianco dropped out of high school he started hanging out at the Robert's Lounge more. Gianco sold fireworks at the club to make a living and pay rent to live in the club basement. Gianco was introduced to the Paul Vario Crew by Jimmy Burke. Gianco was eventually hired as the bartender by Casey Rosado. Michael was bullied alot by Tommy DeSimone.


Tommy DeSimone insulted Gianco then he told Tommy to go fu** himself. Burke was impressed by his guts and gave him a couple of hundred dollars. All the associates in the room teased Tommy, Tommy then took out a colt and shoot Gianco three times in the chest. Burke was outraged by Tommys action and forecd him to dig the hole to put Gianco's body in.


Gianco was portrayed by Michael Imperioli (Sopranos) in the 1990 film Goodfellas.

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