Mian Zaryab Arif

Multi Millionaire Young Guy, Member GENUN and Leading Supporter and Youth Activist. Nominee for UN Youth Encouragement Award, Member United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth Biography: I was born on a cold, cloudy day on December 15th Lahore, Pakistan. I still live in Lahore, Pakistan; I just completed my Intermediate from Punjab Group of Colleges, majoring in Pre-Engineering. I started BS Software Engineering from University of Management and Technology Lahore. I live with a small family of parents and one elder brother. I am son of a businessman/politician Muhammad Arif Imran My parents named me Zaryab Arif but when I was 12 years old I was titled as “Mian” by the public. I joined many of the international Organizations including United Nations, A World at School, World Youth Parliament, World Youth Alliance, and World Youth Movement for Democracy. I am also working as Member United Nations Association for United States of America and Member World Youth Parliament for Water I was titled as Youth Advocate by international organization in the end of May 2014 and Pearl of Asia by a group of International Community. I passed my matriculation in the age of 13 years and I had passed my intermediate examination in the age of 15 years old. I am fond of studies and love to read novels and research papers. I am a well known political personality in my country as well as internationally. I joined the political field when I was only 8 years old. I opened my first public secretariat after 2 years in political field. I have my public offices in more than 15 countries now. I stand for democracy because I saw the Martial Law draw backs in my early childhood. I saw when it’s time for playing with toys we have to face the exiles and law and order situation everywhere. I think it’s the main reason that I stand for Democracy and for Public. I don’t want to be the Prime Minister or the president I want to do something that can be helpful to the people because to be a real hero it’s not compulsory to be the ruler of some kingdom. I am a liberal minded person and hate extremism and raised voice for that. I believe in Give Respect Have Respect Policy. I raised my voice for education and against extremism and terrorism. I always plan to do something which will be in benefit of the public. I visited hundreds of schools and met the children and listened their grievances about the educational system. I also prepared many policy papers and on my request the missing facilities are provided to the schools visited b me. I also provide opportunity to every child to come and lead us. I worked against terrorism and showed solid stand on the issues of the Nigerian Girls abducted by the BokoHaram. I organized a public gathering meeting on that issue and BringBackOurGirls rally also moved on the streets of Pakistan as well as all around the world to show solidarity with Nigerian Girls. If I can do everything in this small age than I can achieve a big goal in mature age also. I am working to be a name of peace, education and water Savior one day. I hope I will achieve my goal. Contact: Mobile No. +923314280404 Email: