MetropleX is a U.K. based rock and metal band formed by guitarist Isolae Cain in 2005. Now in it's third incarnation, MetropleX has begun working on a debut record, with Isolae Cain working with bassist Maurice Sylvester. The band plan's to release their debut album at the end of 2012.


Isolae Cain formed the original 'Metroplex' in 2002 with school friends Laurence Cozens and Samuel Griffiths. Although the band had big ambitions, disagreements over musical direction led to the departure of Cozens and Griffiths. Isolae Cain and Metroplex did not appear again until 2007 when Cain joined a small group of musicians, including future bassist Maurice Sylvester. The band took the name Metroplex until heated arguments among the band led to Isolae leaving the band. The remaining trio went on to become 3-Day Weekend who recently disbanded.

Within 6 months Isolae had returned with drummer Ben Bunker and the duo began work on a debut record. New bassist, Max Beaman-Reed completed the line-up and things were looking up for Metroplex. However, personal issues within the band led to first Beaman-Reed and then Bunker departing. Isolae once again disappeared from the local music scene, playing only one small show as a session player for the covers band 'The' between 2010 and 2011.

In early 2012, Isolae reconnected with bassist Maurice Sylvester and reformed his band under the newly branded 'MetropleX' after copyright issues led to a name change, and the band began work on a debut album. The band released their first music video: a cover of Graffiti6's 'Annie You Save Me' on the internet on the 24th of June 2012.

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