The MetroTech-Chicago Corporation was a television company before it was sold to CBS.

Their facilites were headquartered in the Merchandise Mart for WMAQ-TV in Chicago. It was headquartered in Suite 1450. In 1930, NBC took over the now-defunct May Broadcasting Company. From 1912 to 1990, May Broadcasting Company was taken over by CBS and was broken up with the now-defunct company called Gulf+Western. In 1932, MetroTech-Chicago Corporation sold $800 million dollars when Miller's Broadcasting Company (1919–1997) was eliminated.

There were eleven newsradio stations. The asterisk (*) means that a radio station was signed on and built by MetroTech Corporation:

WRDX (99.1 FM) Houston WCHX (1140 AM) Cleveland WFQ (850 AM) New York WMXJ (950 AM) New York WGBI (1020 AM) Boston WJBL (620 AM*) New York WVVI (1650 AM*) Chicago WAMN (1300 AM) New York KJI (1150 AM) Sacramento KND (1260 AM*) San Fransisco/San Jose/Oakland KOR (820 AM) Sacramento (formerly KOJR from 1938 to 1960).

There were seven television stations:

WBBO-TV Channel 34 Chicago CBS (eliminated in 1989 by WBBM and WFLD and merged into WBLD) WMGR-TV Channel 4 Chicago NBC (eliminated in 2000) WMAG-TV Channel 12 Philadelphia (now in CBS Inc. ownership) WMCA-TV Channel 6 New York (now owned by NBCUniversal) WEVD-TV Channel 3 New York (now owned by CBS Inc.) WGKW-TV Channel 51 Secaucus, New Jersey (now owned by New Jersey Television Service Corporation) WIIA-TV Channel 38 New Brunswick, New Jersey (now owned by New Jersey Television Service Corporation)

It lasted until 2000, when the last carrier WMGR was discontinued because of copyright problems.

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