Who we are

MethologiQ is a premier service provider that provides highly intutive and cost-effective solutions in training and data management.

Our products have been developed by a team of experts with solid experiences in the IT, finance and education industry.

Coined by Mark Alian in early 2007, the word "MethologiQ" is a portmanteau of "method" and logic", with "IQ" as an added twist. These are the three essential words that resonate throughout the solutions we provide to our partners and clients.

Humble Beginings

Created in 2007 by Mark Alian, a single father who diligently searched for a way to encourage his daughter, who like Mark had bouts with attention deficiency, to focus on studying her lessons while have fun at the same.

On several occassions he’d give his daughter, Sofia, simple arithmetic computer games and found out later on that it had significantly increased his daughter's learning ability.

As his daughter's skills improved, some friends took notice and asked what books Mark was using at that time. With that, Mark once again noticed another problem which bothered little kids who appear to have a tiny framework like his daughter - they were carrying stacks of books EACH DAY to school. Mark tried lifting his daughter's backpack and it dawned upon him. Sofia's backpack weighed more than 20 pounds! Sofia, being the slim child that she was, constantly complained of a throbbing backache every single day.

Hence, Mark then started working on his pet "project" - a revolutionary way to address the simple schoolchild problems that affected parents like him. And the KA+ program was born. This came way before the words "cloud computing" and "tablet" became part of today's trend.

Another opportunity came into place when Mark's mom, Bing, appeared to be a favorite target for unscrupulous sales people who would sell Bing a great number of sub-standard or even defective items at unreasonable prices. Bing however was not alone. There were a lot of individuals who shared the same sentiment. Since most people are trusting (or even gullible) by nature, dishonest sellers were making a fortune preying on these hapless individuals like Bing.

So once again Mark had to come up with a way to minimize or even prevent this thing from happening to his mom on a regular basis. Aside from having his daughter Sofia accompany Bing each time she went to the mall (to prevent her from being "cornered" by sweet-talking sales people), Mark called on long time friend Ken Javier to come up with a viable solution. Ken, who was specially talented in a wide variety of skills ranging from IT to banking, co-opted with Mark to draw the first draft on MethologiQ's reporting solution. Combined with Mark's substantial background in intelligence, banking, IT and training, the product ProVera came into light.

Driving Force

Mark Alian, with his co-founder Ken Javier, established MethologiQ as a solutions provider. Jomello Mallari was asked to join the company as part of Management in 2011, to spearhead the Design team. As of writing, Jomello Mallari has since separated with the company, to venture out to new opportunities within his current employer. May Red Zafra, a veteran in the education industry, is in charge of content and development of MethologiQ's technology-based learning.

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