The Metatextbook of Medicine was intended to be a bibliographical system which gives instantaneously available open access review articles on a given topic. Reviews were identified by PubMed searches and selected for apparent appropriateness for the users. Current contents are about 65.000 Papers and 11.000 Topics. It is intended to give the user an current idea of a topic about which he has only minor knowledge by using available scientific review articles. All aspects of medicine and the life sciences are covered.

Content validity is as of 11/2011 and about 30k Papers have to be added for actuality. It is planned to provide prebuilt PubMed Searchterms at least for a subset of major topics.

Users are encouraged to look for the zzzPupil 'topic' - a collection of 2.000 above average appeal papers.

The project is accompanied by a PubMed Medline application which checks whether there are more open access papers available than indicated by Pubmed alone: It checks the Olpe Open database of open access and hybrid access journals for matches; beyond that, it links out metadata to the metasearch engines OAIster,BASE,ScientificCommons and edoc Berlin. The PubMed application has a little additional functionality: Based on the one letter abbreviation of the journals name, it will retrieve the full record from the additional tags YR,AU or VOL,PAGE.

The data base of medical journals (all pubmed for 1 letter; vast amount of open access and hybrids; for german users, Deutsche Nationallizenz personengebunden) can be seen as html pages.


    • Recension Literaturrecherche: Metatextbook of Medicine, Dtsch Arztebl 2012; 109(7): A-330 / B-285 / C-281, Groth, Ossip

External links

  • Metatextbook of Medicine
  • OLPE-OPEN Many Hybrid and Open Access Journals are collected, timerange of openness is given. Sorted by alphabet and topic.
  • Webressource ,which queries PubMed and checks for additional availability of Open Access und Hybrid Journals and which queries 4 Repository Metas so that many more remote available PDF will be retrieved. Also, One-Letter Search for known Citations without title.

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