MetaCV[1] is a composition and phylogeny-based algorithm to classify very short metagenomic reads (75-100 bp) into specific taxonomic and functional groups. It performs (for both sensitivity and specificity) as good as BlastX-based methods on simulated short reads, but runs 300 times faster, thus provides fast and accurate analysis on huge amount of NGS data.

MetaCV is implemented in C++ to promote computing speed for high-throughput NGS data, and can generate figure/table reports by an integrated R script. The output could also be visualized by MEGAN, which provides user-friendly graphical interface for checking metagenomic profiles.

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  1. Liu, J; Wang H, Yang H, Zhang Y, Wang J, Zhao F, Qi J (2012). "Composition-based classification of short metagenomic sequences elucidates the landscapes of taxonomic and functional enrichment of microorganisms". Nucleic Acids Research. 
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