Menahem Rabinowich
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Curcumoll, an extract of curcumin

Menny (Menachem) Rabinovich (Hebrew: מנחם רבינוביץ) 11) September 1934 - 28 June 2012) was a multi-disciplinary scientist. He was a member of the Scientific Secretariat of the Hebrew Encyclopedia and was responsible for writing the values in Biochemistry, geology, chemistry and medicine. He created a businesses in molecular biology at the medical school of the Hebrew University and Hadassah Ein Kerem, and was active in science education on alternative medicine and education on nutrition habits. He developed the product Curcumall which is a concentrated liquid extract of saffron and turmeric - Curcuma longa.


Menachem Rabinovich was born in Jerusalem to Miriam and Elhanan Rabinovich, who was a pediatrician, founder of Hadassah Hospital, Chairman of the Israel Medical Association and Chief of Pediatrics at Hadassah Medical Center. He acquired academic education in Israel and United States. He studied for a B.Sc degree in chemistry and Biochemistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, then moved to the School of Medicine HU[disambiguation needed] at Hadassah Ein Kerem. Got a degree in Microbiology and completed doctoral studies on molecular genetic mechanisms.

In 1973 he won a scholarship from UNESCO for training in the United States and Canada in teaching science through Multimedia.

In 1975 he received an invitation to serve as a lecturer in science education at Pennsylvania State University in Pennsylvania, as well as a scholarship for a PhD in science education with multimedia. He graduated in 1980 on this issue and got PhD degree from this university.

In 1981-1989 underwent several courses in the U.S. on nutrition and health combined complementary medicine with an emphasis on the use of vitamins and supplements to promote health. While engaged in research and teaching at Penn State and was very active in establishing the studies of Hebrew and Judaism, which did not exist at the time at this University.

Upon his return to Israel in the early nineties, he founded in Jerusalem the intelligent Nutrition Center, which he managed for two decades. It was a business center promoting public awareness of nutrition and health issues through courses, workshops and lectures on nutrition and health.

During his last decade he became famous for developing a dietary supplement Curcumall, which is a concentrated liquid extract of saffron and curcumin, well absorbed in the body. Curcumall was developed by Tomron Health Products Ltd. that was ran by Menny Rabinovich in recent years until his death on June 28, 2012. Was married to Aviva, a scientist who helped him in his scientific work.

Hebrew encyclopedia entries

For several years was a member of the scientific secretariat of the Hebrew Encyclopedia and was responsible for editing and writing values on chemistry, biochemistry, geology, and medicine volumes each, the twenty - KH,. Example: Nobel Prizes, liquor, sex and STDs, salicylic acid (aspirin), and more.

Research and Teaching

During his studies he worked at the National Laboratory for Physics under the direction of Zvi Tabor (see Further reading), and participated in the development of solar panels. He developed a Selective Sun Collector. A selective Color layer made that the amount of absorbed solar heat pipes was higher than the amount projected back.

When at medical school, he researched the molecular genetic mechanisms and especially the mechanism of transcription of messenger RNA (M-RNA) which is a template for protein synthesis

During his M.Sc. studies he studied and worked at the medical school in Jerusalem, he also combined science teaching and teaching media in Science Teaching Center of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In this activity he has written and produced educational films and teaching aids for teaching science and also wrote, produced and presented genetics programs for TV learning.

His dissertation topic in PSU University was "The Design and Evaluation of a Theoretical Model for Knowledge Dissemination". Already during his studies he was invited to lecture on his research on a number of conferences dealing with science teaching through the media (Hershey 1976; New Orleans in 1977, Toronto in 1978, Detroit in 1980, Boston, 1982, etc.)

During his Doctorate, he engaged in research and teaching at the Pennsylvania State University, was very active in establishing the studies of Hebrew and Judaism, which did not exist at the time at this University, and lecture framework. This activity was made possible due to being well educated in Jewish Studies, he began to acquire at his father's house and expanded self-study, over the years, he acquired extensive knowledge of Judaism and the history of the People of Israel and the Diaspora. Because of his unique personality and deep knowledge of Judaism and Jewish history he could fill halls with students (Jews and non-Jews), who studied under him. This convinced the university administration that there is a demand and a need to establish an organized curriculum in Jewish Studies. Department exists to this day. (See external links)

Since his return to Israel Menachem Rabinovich business was on research and development of some products most notably the Curcumall, which improves the absorption properties of curcumin in the blood. This product was at a clinical trial in the Department of Hematology / Oncology at Hadassah Ein Kerem and was proven effective for Child Mokozitis.

Strengthening U.S. Jewry's relationship with Israel

During his studies in the U.S. he was also promoting Israeli propaganda in the U.S. in written newspaper articles as well as building a business student exchange program in which U.S. students arrive for a summer semester in Israel, together with the University of Tel-Aviv and the Department of Education on Judaism and Zionism. As part of this he established the plan to create a mixed Jewish - Israeli students who do not identify as religious and within the existing campus of Chabad and Hillel org. are not suitable for them. Program that has received support and encouragement of the Israeli consulate in Philadelphia and the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C. - and then incorporated into the project of promoting the hasbara on campuses..

Wise nutrition center

Center Menny Rabinovich established as business promoting public awareness of nutrition and health issues through courses, workshops and lectures on nutrition and health. He ran a smart nutrition courses at Prime Minister office and in the Civil Service Commission, and many other government offices. He created also teacher training courses as part of the Teachers' Union. Besides regular courses he had in Jerusalem, Tel - Aviv, Modi'in, Ra'anana and elsewhere around the country.

Product Development

Among the products developed by Menny Rabinovich:

Curcumall- a unique food supplement based on saffron and curcumin concentrated liquid form proven absorbed by the body. Clinical research conducted at the hospital Curcumall Hadassah Ein Kerem and has been shown to be effective in the treatment of Bmokozitis. Curcumall is produced in Israel and marketed in Israel, the U.S. and Mexico for several years.

Hlumon - replace yolk egg without cholesterol. Displayed commercial companies in Israel and the U.S., filed for a patent in the U.S. and applied to examine the possibility of production and marketing, but the product has not reached commercial realization due to various market constraints.

Zibeon - hair color preservation material based on minerals from the Dead Sea. Reached advanced stages of development and at the time even began planning stages production at factory AHAVA to create cosmetic products at Mitzpe Shalem.

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Further reading

  • Hebrew Encyclopedia volumes twenty - KH.
  • Menny's dissertation Rabinovich in the U.S. The Design and Evaluation of a Theoretical Model for Knowledge Dissemination
  • Research conducted on Curcumall in Hadassah Medical Center Ein Kerem.
  • Prince, Morton, B. 'Harry, Zvi Tabor, Selected reprints of papers', Balban Publishing, Rehovot, 1999

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