The Rise of Commons is the first book containing theory of the Great Awakening of contemporary times. It is suggested that after two centuries of democracy certain questions have arisen which demand modification and change in the basics of democratic system. However, it is observed that certain global systems are built in conformance of the democracy and its established institutes. During the 21st century, mass expansion of knowledge and evolution of communication towards masses with the advent of electronic media had made it impossible for dogmatic democracy to stand strong. The Arab freedom movements, fall of dictators, failure of the communist doctrine, and enormous pressure of reforms upon the democratic institutes is the main force behind the development of the novel political theory of governance named as “Menecracy”. The book initiates the dialogue of common people identified as “the commons”. These ordinary people have gained the status of the ordinary with historical development of social, religious, economics and political theories. These theories where one side have empowered the powerful and the elite forging several groups into a permanent class of the elite, on the other hand it has primed the yoke of perpetual exploitation, slavery and servitude for the ordinary and powerless masses. But now are the ripe times when the yoke of falsification under the guise of democracy is to be overthrown and replaced with the new global system of “Menecracy”. Menecracy raises the awareness of the ordinary people towards flaws of the current democratic order and provides a structural method of adoption of new system of governance under the title of Menecracy. Menecracy provides opportunities of self-rule to all people regardless of their political, economics and power status. The book elaborates in details of the tragedy of the commons and how it can be transformed into the power of the commons.

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