Memes of the Dead is a Facebook page. It was created on 23 February 2012.

The idea to create this page was by creating the first comic called 'Trapped', and posted it on a Facebook page called 'Meme Rage Comics'. It was quite popular then the creator decided to make a page just for the series and called the page 'Memes Zombie series'. At first the original title of the page was called 'memes mini zombie comic series', but the creator decided it was too long, so changed it to 'Memes Zombie series'.

Series 1 has been completed with 13.5 episodes! with episode 10 in 3 parts. at the end of the series 2 bonus episodes was posted to make series 2 easier to make.

Here are the series 1 episodes (in order!):

  • Episode 1- Trapped
  • Episode 2- Johns death/ New badass
  • Episode 3- Getting to know James
  • Episode 4- Mysterious Chav!
  • Episode 5- Bad Guys!!
  • Episode 6- Bye bye Frank and hello Action!
  • Episode 7- Harolds saviour
  • Episode 7.5- CHAV STILL LOOKING!
  • Episode 8- The split up
  • Episode 9- Who's Jason?
  • Episode 10- PART 1- James's DOOM!
  • Episode 10- PART 2- CHAV finds James
  • Episode 10- PART 3- CHAVS attack!
  • Episode 11- Abandoned House
  • Episode 12- SURPRISE!
  • Episode 13- Trapped.....again!!
  • BONUS EPISODE- Dave's insane!!
  • BONUS EPISODE 2- Lab Found!


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