Melissa Hoogendam Cook (Born July 4, 1969 in Houston) is an author and Dialectical Behevior Therapy (DBT) therepist in Houston Texas. Cook started her lengthy education at Mary Baldwin College in 1989. After one year she transferred to the Univerity of Texans to eventually get her B.S. in Communications. She finished her masters degree in education at the University of Houston and then got her Masters of Arts in Counseling from The Houston Graduate School of Theology in Houston as well. Soon after, she opened her own practice, Melissa Cook LPC. In 2011 Cook wrote The Power of Validation together in 2011. The book recived countless recomenations from therepists all over Houston.

Cook also runs her own blog and has her own website:

She is a wife and a mother of 3 children; David, Stuart, Caroline, all in middle and high school.

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