Melinda Hill is a Los Angeles-based comedian, actor and writer who regularly performs in clubs all over the country[1][2] as well as at one of the hottest comedy spots in Hollywood which she also produces, "What's Up, Tiger Lily?".[3] She has been on TV shows such as Reno 911!,[4] Nick Swardson's Pretend Time,[5] produced by Adam Sandler, the film Bright Day[6] opposite Bill Maher, and Glory Daze.[7]

Hill performed in the February, 2012 edition of Don't Tell My Mother!, a monthly storytelling event in which authors, screenwriters, actors and comedians share true stories they would never want their mothers to know.[citation needed]

Hill appeared on the August 14, 2012 broadcast of America's Got Talent during its seventh season.[8] Her performance was not well-received by the judges or the audience, and she was eliminated from the show the following night.


  • The Accidental Bisexual 2011[9]
  • Power Hot Tubbing 2010


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