Mediox is a company specializing in development and distribution of multimedia equipment including Android-based tablets, digital cameras, GPS systems, healthcare monitoring equipment and other electronic devices. The company markets and distributes products designed and produced at Coby Electronics Corporation factories in China.

Company Background

Before 2010 Mediox was a company specializing in the design of high tech multimedia equipment for the fast food industry.[1] The company has a patent pending in the United States for both a product and a method of content delivery that, together, are capable of revolutionizing the fast food industry. Mediox Smart Tray, an advanced multimedia-enabled food service tray, is a wide-reach advertising medium that the company has created for the food service industry. This restaurant media technology is projected to deliver $10 billion in advertising revenue while allowing advertisers to reach over 30 million customers per day.[2]

The potential of Mediox business model was immediately recognized by Dr. Robert Lamson, who joined the company as CEO. Dr. Lamson re-focused Mediox from a product-oriented company to an advertising and content delivery medium. He successfully secured design and manufacturing partnerships with leading contract manufacturers and software development companies. A partnership with a large publicly-traded Taiwanese design and manufacturing company resulted in Dr. Peter Siao joining the team as Chief Technical Officer.

In November 2007 Mediox showcased the first working interactive Mediox Smart Tray system.

In 2008 the company seized operations in the US and in the fast food electronics markets. In 2011 Mediox brand was adopted for distribution and marketing of multimedia products produced by Coby Electronics Corporation factories in China. Mediox Android-based multimedia tablets are sold in emerging markets including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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