Md. Taifur Rahman Tara Mia, the younger son of Munshi Bande Ali Ahmed (the first President of Daulatpur Thana, Mr. Bande Ali Ahmed was the famous as a Panchayet, he was also a Jamider of Charmastul, Hatkura, Shympur and many more places in Daulatpur Thana.) He born in Charmastul.

From the very beginning of his childhood he lost his father. Mr. Taifur Rahman always thinking about the villagers, about the mankind to do something for them. When he was in High School, he had written some dramas, Novels, songs. The Jatra Pala "Chandraban" is the most popular jatrapala in his area, Some song he added in the "Behula Lokhkhinder" Jatra pala which is most popular, Like, "Sono Boli Praner Dasi".

Mr. Taifur Rahman founded Charmastul Munsi Bande Ali High School in 1969, Now there are 800/1000 students are studied there. He has founded Community Clinic, Football field, Bazar and a Post office.

People of Daulatpur,Manikgonj are always waiting for such a people Like Mr. Taifur Rahman Tara Mia to promote them, to teach them to expose them in to the open air.

Mr. Taifur Rahman breath his last in August 12, 2004. May Allah rest his soul in the heaven (Amin)

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