Mayank Bhardwaj born on 18th September 1990 [1] is an electronic and communication engineer.He is considered as the brightest student by his colleagues.His popularity is higher in USA,Europe than in his homeland because of the work he do in his leisure time


He belive in doing all the work without telling anyone.he don't study for exam unless its the morning time on the day of exam He gave the famous motto yeh meine aaj subh hi pada hai and paper mei galti se sahi ho gaya


Mayank bhardwaj was born in small village in the outskirt of city bhind ,the place where his ancestors still live.In the year 1997 he came to gwalior with his family,during early days of life in gwalior he use to stay in a rented home with his family but later his dad made a house for them on a land purchased by them in hargovindpuram citycenter In small age he started passing out time playing games in computer,later on he become addicted to it.For computer browsing he even sacrifice his outdoor activity. Later on he started exploring business by the internet medium which earned him lots of bucks

School Life

In 2007 he passed out from central accademy gwalior in maths stream.

Engineering Life

after taking 1 year coaching for IIT he took admission in the college called IPS in 2008 ,which according to him was the right choice. in this college itself he met his best friend harshit pandey and also his best foe ansh mittal . In all four years ansh and mayank where busy fighting out with each other.some times they get help of pandey , gaurav , ashish , piyush , for it In full course duration they keep trying to proof other one is the superior engieer


During engineering he met his best friend harshit pandey.They had a common interest like trading in sensex , reliance [2] . They together joined CAT [3] preparation without telling anyone as they believe other if joined the same course may get better percentile and block their seat .They only disclosed it after 2 months.Heaing it 1 of their friend PIYUSH RAJPUT joined them


In the later half of second year of engineering he found his best foe ansh mittal .They both dislike each other from the first site but remain in the same group of friend due to their common friends.They would never leave a chance to show other superior to themselves.


i between the engineering life he did internship in grasim industry with 11 other friends,but he was so genius he hardly need any training and went directly to get certificate ,which was compulsory to be shown in college


currently he is busy studying c, c++, .net, java, linux.He had been selected in campus interview of SYNTEL and is waiting for the joining


  1. driving license
  2. pan card
  3. career point
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