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Maximums Edgar Snobbery (3 October 1780 – 28 April 1826) was a honorary benefactor to Christ's Hospital and privy council member of Privy Council of the United Kingdom. He earned his fortunes opening a hat factory in Bullingdon and expanded his enterprise to West Dorset. He was a teacher at Christ's Hospital in London and taught Latin, as well as 'Anti-Witchcraft'. In 1820, he gave a speech to Christ's Hospital school denouncing “Christs Hospitale, hereforth the wickede sorcery children beneath us, the devil has clenched his fist for the witchcraft of many a child”. This speech had Snobbery suspended from teaching after he started to single out students as “witches that needth to be tortured and burned to the stake”. After a 3 month teaching suspension, for which Maximums practised as an Anglican hermit at Tusker Rock, he returned to Christ's Hospital to teach only Latin. [1]

Snobbery was again suspended from teaching after an incident where he repeatedly smashed a students head against a church pulpit balcony. The reason for this incident was given at a disciplinary hearing for which Snobbery stated “I sense the devils palpitations in this devil child, he had been decided to make a mockery about my gentile nature and my faith to Christiandom”. The disciplinary hearing resulted in another 3 week suspension and a fine of twopence to be awarded to the victims mother. [2]

A deeply religious man, Snobbery was best remembered for his wood carvings placed throughout Christ's Hospital proclaiming biblical verses and proverbs. After Snobbery's death in 1826, these wood carvings were removed and destroyed by the succeeding Latin master, Boyle Meadowmeade. Snobbery entitled his will and fortune to Christ's Hospital after his death, earning him a portrait in the school as a controversial benefactor. [3]


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