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Matthew Sp (Born January 9) Known as "Sp" is an American Business Magnate.He is the Richest Man in the World.And Man that Carries More Biggest and Largest Companies this Some Companies : List : Otsaku Studio (Japan)

      Cartoon Network (Worldwide)
      Microsoft (CEO Steve Ballmer his Partner)
      The Pig Pen 
      Dream Works Pictures
      Paramount Productions
      and More Companies that are not Mentioned here

Motto :What you Gonna BE?? (2012)

Information : Matthew Sp Joined Facebook October 16,2009 his Facebook Account is Official Facebook Account : Matthew Sp Official Facebook Account and Sp Created Skinpack Corp. to Make PC New Look Skinpacks Website Matthew Sp Said "my Friend Hamed Danger Will Be the Runner of SP Corp.

Organizations : Anti-Illuminati Organization Matthew Sp Hates Illuminati and Sp Said to the Illuminati "Just Think What are you Doing to Your Self , and what will be happen if you join Illuminati?? , Devils are No Barins and ******* *** in this World"

F.Y.S and More ....

11 Trillion USD

Simple Information : About : *Official Matthew Sp*

1st Original MS CEO

Note: 1 Recognized Device on My Facebook , I Don't Know who Logged On My Facebook Account to the Device Name "iphne" December 21,2012 .Who is this? Please Say it to Me if you or you have Idea Who's this.

this Information Copy to SP's FB Account

Basic Information : Basic Info Birthday January 9 Sex Male Languages Tagalog, English, Persian, German, French and Swiss Standard German Religious Views Christianity

Contact Info Address 3022 Screen Name matthew sp(Windows Live Messenger) Email

Favorite Quotations You dare point a weapon at ME? You want a piece of me? I WILL TEAR YOU APART!

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