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Matt Collins (born January 4, 1982) is an American political activist and former Vice Chair of the Davidson County, TN Republican Party. He is best known for his work with the Campaign for Liberty, the successful Senate campaign of Rand Paul, and the 2012 presidential campaign of Ron Paul.

Early political career

Matt Collins was elected as the Vice Chair of the Davidson County GOP in Tennessee on April 6, 2009.[1] Collins tied for the chairmanship two days prior, but lost in the run-off. After some controversies over his erratic behavior, such as refusing to shake the hand of Rep. Zach Wamp, Collins was impeached and removed from his position by a 14-5 vote on November 24, 2009.[2][3]

Work for the Paul family

Matt Collins was one of the early campaign workers for Rand Paul.[4] According to Rand Paul, it was Collins' encouragement and loyalty that got him into the Senate race. Collins spent the campaign managing Paul's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As a family insider though his work for the Rand Paul campaign, Collins was the first to break the news of Ron Paul getting into the 2012 Republican presidential primary race,[5] after a failed bid in 2008. Collins, working as the official, paid[6] Ron Paul campaign social media adviser, provided a needed link between the official campaign and its well-known loose internet-based grassroot supporters. Collins was prominent on many Ron Paul-supporting websites, providing rumors and passing along suggestions to Campaign Manager Jesse Benton.[7] Collins planned many events, traveled around with Ron Paul and was often seen with him.[8]

Other activities

Aside from the Pauls, Matt Collins has advised multiple Ron Paul-style Republicans; including NC State Legislator Glen Bradley,[9] Thomas Massie and Adam Kokesh.[10] Matt Collins worked for WTN radio until, Collins claims, Dave Ramsey got him fired in 2011.[11][12]


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