Matt Cohler (born in 1977) is a American entrepreneur.

Cohler was born in New York, New York. After graduating from high school, he moved to Europe where he worked for a year as a jazz musician. He returned to the United States in 1996 to attend Yale University. In 1998 he left Yale to work for the systems integration and OSS startup AsiaInfo in Beijing. The company went public on NASDAQ two years later. Cohler returned to Yale in late 1999, graduating with honors and distinction in 2001.

Cohler moved to Silicon Valley in 2001. He worked for two years in the Silicon Valley office of management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, during which time he published an article on venture capital in Harvard Business Review with Bill Meehan, the head of McKinsey's west coast offices. In 2003 Cohler left McKinsey to work with Reid Hoffman on a variety of projects, including LinkedIn. He joined LinkedIn full-time in mid-2003 as one of its first employees and stayed with the company until 2005, becoming VP and General Manager. In early 2005 Cohler joined Facebook as one of its first five employee hires and first external executive hire, at the behest of investor Peter Thiel (Hoffman is also an investor in Facebook).

Cohler lives in Silicon Valley, where he continues to work at Facebook as Chief Marketing Officer. He is also active in several non-profit initiatives as a board member and advisor.

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