Matrixpets is a online virtual pet game that was online from 2001 - 2004. Users could create an account and adopt a virtual pet which they would then look after. The site was similar to the ever so popular Neopets website. Famous pets we're the Krungo, Kangur, Zylius, Elipson, Fraug, Narkfin, Robotech, Meh and Panzi. The pets had a mythological appearance to them aswell, making them look like they we're from another planet. Users could explore shops and collect items in the game. Matrixpets was closed in 2004 when funding ran out for the game. About 12 people we're working on the Matrixpets game at the time and we had about 12,000 visitors a month. The brand also had plans to create a movie, books and tv shows in the near future.

Matrixpets could be back in the future though.

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