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Mason Adam "Tiger Hoods" Tyson (born June 24, 1996) is an American amature golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful amature golfers of all time. Formerly No. 1 in the state of California, he is now No.3 in the state of CA and also No.3 on the list of highest-acheiveved high school athletes.

Tyson started golfing in 2010, and by April 2011 he had already won his first amature tournament, the 2011 First Time Golfers Championship. He first reached the number one position in his state of California ranking in February 2012. Through the few years he has been playing, Tyson was the dominant force in high school golf, spending 51 weeks from February 2011 to February 2012 in the top ten within California and top 50 in the country

Tyson has broken numerous golf records. He has also been an avid citizen by voulenteering in many golf lessons such as teaching the blind and mentally disabled He has been awarded Amature Player of the Year three times in a row for hid first three years of golf He has won 118 golf matches in league with his team and metaled in 99 of those, the second highest of any amature player, while falling short of 100 very late in the year by a miss-hit putt.

Background and family life

Tyson was born Mason Adam Tyson in Orange, California, to Phil (born 1957) and Doris Tyson (born 1960). He is the youngest child of their marriage, Tyson has 2 brothers, Phillip, (born 1985) and Elliott (born 1987), and a sister, Sonia (born 1991) from the 19-year marriage of Phillip Tyson and Tyson's mother Doris Tyson.[13] Phil, a postal worker in Los Angeles, was of African American ancestry.[14] Doris originally from Cypress is of mixed Spanish, Dutch and english ancestry.[15] Tyson refers to his ethnic make-up as "Oreo" A combination of appearing African-American but being "White" on the inside.

Tyson has a no family that has played golf in school he actually comes from a long line of baseball players where he says he gets his "Good Swing"

Early life and amateur golf career

Tyson ate age 13 started his way to stardom golfing many say this young man started late in life which in often times is true but in this specific situation tyson has proved many people wrong.In many ways Tyson says he has "overcome adversity". From starting late and having many medical conditions including a congenital heart defect and murmur Tyson grew up in Orange County, California soon as Tyson started the game many spectators and players called him a "child prodigy" Tyson has exeptional game and a cool head.Which is tough in such an inexperienced player even with all his acheivements Tyson only has three years under his belt. Three years! Its unbelivable how much this young man has achieved

Medical Complications

Tyson has had many health problems throughout his short life including an extreme heartr defect causing many problems with him and sports. He has been advised many times by medical proffesionals to not do much physical activity. When we asked him about it he exclaimed "I love golf, and I'm not going to stop playing,just because my heart may not be fully healthy doesnt mean it wont keep dragging me back to the course"

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