Mary Landers is a local celebrity hailing from Youghal, Co Cork in Ireland. She is especially known for her charity work and her tireless efforts to raise money for the Youghal Community Hospital.

Private Life: Mary Landers, who has one daughter Freda, has never married and opted for a single life raising her daughter alone and fleeing Youghal after her family rejected her because of becoming pregnant. For years Mary lived in Cork City until her daughter became a teenager and it was only then that she decided to move back to her hometown and reconnect with her parents and sibblings. Often referred as the mother Teresa of Youghal, Mary goes out of her way to help those in need.

Public Life: Mary has led quite a dramatic public life. She fell in love with her Doctor and went head to head with his receptionist Kitty Drake for his effections. The two rivals declared war on each other, with Mary being escorted out of the surgery one evening by police officers after she tried to set fire to the building. No charges were brought against her, but a judge requested that a psychiatric report be made available to him. It was later revealed that Mary was suffering from nerves and exhaustion.

Public Breakdown: In March of 2012 Mary Landers began appearing in public looking tired and stressed out. It was reported in Youghal News that she was once again suffering from nerves but she continued to work on her charity events despite looking haggard and worn out. At a charity event on April 15th 2012 Mary took the stand in front of hundreds of people, thanked them for their support and then announced that she had recieved numerous surgeries to make her backside look like Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh. She also said that her dog Deano placed a pumpkin on her head that she had to get surgically removed in hospital. Guests at the event initally thought that she was joking around after too much champagne, but it was later that night that they realized that something was wrong after one of the female guests found her in the bathroom trying to jump out of the window while she screamed that her dog wanted her to do it.

Hiatus: Following her public breakdown Mary was forced to step back from her charity work and rest on her doctor's orders. She decided to visit her daughter, who is now living in Cork City, for an extended holiday while she recovered from her illness. Youghal News reported that Mary has been put on Zyprexa for her suspicious thoughts and Prozac for the crippling depression that sometimes accompanies her manic episodes. Giving one final interview before she took her long overdue break, she was quoted as saying "I have decided to take a step back from my fundraising and spend some well deserved time with my baby girl".

Return To Work: After spending a few weeks away from the spotlight and pressures of every day life, Mary returned to Youghal once more looking more relaxed and healitier than ever, and decided to get back to work immediatly. Youghal Hospital Matron Sharon Watson praised Mary, saying that she was a great asset to the hospice and that her work was simply amazing. Mary continues to raise funds for charities to this day.

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