Mary Davis was an American silent film actress.

Motion pictures

Davis debuted in Hollywood with a role in Leave It To Cissy (1916). This appearance was followed by parts as Mary I. Davis in I Accuse and Mary G. Davis in The Haunted Manor, both from 1916. Her career was short-lived, concluding with performances in Rich Man, Poor Man (1918), Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1919), and An Amateur Widow (1919).

She is also sometimes credited as Mary B. Davis, Mary Gunniss, and Mary Gunniss Davis.

Davis' Los Angeles, California address was 1113 South Union Avenue.

Assault victim

She filed a criminal complaint against Dr. J.C. Woodward after going to his office for treatment. She charged the physician with kicking and beating her. Davis told the chief prosecutor that Woodward started a drinking party and made advances toward her. When she resisted he knocked her down and kicked her in the abdomen. Davis was then thrown out into the corridor of the building and was picked up by a tenant from an adjacent room. She was sent home in a taxicab. Woodward was placed under arrest and taken before a municipal judge. He entered a plea of guilty to both charges and awaited sentencing.[1]


  1. Los Angeles Times, Physician Confesses To Assault, December 14, 1928, Page A5.

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