Mark Adrian Schoepeteere. Born April 27, 1972. A federal Agent of the United States of America-Department of Defense. He is in the Republic of The Philippines under the authority of the Department of Defense bearing the name Richard Makisig as a Special Agent of The Federal Bureau of Investigation. He has a blog site running for almost two years now which details his undercover work in the Republic of The Philippines ( He is a Time Traveller in the formerly called Patriot Program

Personal Life He is the only recognized son of an American entrepreneur, Howard Schoepeteere. His mother's name is Madame Christene Schoepeteere. Mark is at the same time an entrepreneur and a Federal Agent of the FBI. During his time in the Republic of The Philippines he had a daughter named Julianne Andrea and boy named Gabriel Angelo, both have different mothers. Mark Adrian Schoepeteere is legally married to Andhrianne Sturthon. He has no child from her. Her wife works at NASA.

Career in the Military

Mark Adrian Schoepeteere is known as David Webb in the US Navy. His successful carrer in the Navy brought him to his successful training in DEVGRU. Later on in his military career he became a Special Agent in the FBI. The Department of Defense took David Webb for a Top Secret Special Mission to the Philippines which will involve Artificial Amnesia. In the Philippines, Mark did not use his name David Webb. When he entered the Philippines he used the name Richard Makisig as a Special Agent of the FBI.

Undercover work in the Repubic of The Philippines

As Richard Makisig of the FBI, the first phase of the mission involved issues regarding illegal drugs trafficking in the Philippines which was very rampant in Pampanga. In the 2nd phase of the mission in Negros Oriental was artificial amnesia or the most understandable term for it was memory blockade. The memory blockade is not chemical it is technological. All Patriot Operatives have an implantation device. And it is not human technology , it is God the Father technology. Hence this technology is 100% natural, no side effects.

This mission is also supervised by the Patriot Program superheaded by his own father, the Head of Operations-Howard Schoepeteere.

This mission required him to have the identity of Mark Adrian Cawit.

Time Traveller

Mark Adrian Schoepeteere and his father, Howard is a Time Traveller of the formerly called PAtriot Program. Evidence of which is his 17 years of service in the US Army. A brief outline of his service in the military is outlined in his blog site,

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