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Mr. Mark Karsonsky(1964-2012) born April 23,1964. He was a marine biologist and a whaleologist. After retiring from that he currently lives in oakdale, new York. He teaches eighth grade biology to his favorite class period 3 to his favorite student Anysley leonardis. He tells funny stories and he is amazing my favorite teacher by far. But sadler on his way to leave LVMS he went to feed his fish when he saw a hippo and a dead whale in the court yard as he when to take a picture And share it on his 3 friends on face book. The hippo stuck dynamite under the whale and it blew up puncturing a hole in the side of the school. Then as shocked as he was he ran the the hippo when all of a sudden the face if the whale shoved a hose up the hippos ass as the crap was about to hit mark a honey badger came out of now where yelled 'Honeybadger don't give a shit' and struck the wall killing its self. But sadley the crap struck mark drowning him in 2 minutes killing him. He will be missed.

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