Mark Brian Keane (born June 14 1966 in Birmingham England) is a Published Poet of Irish Descent.

He is known for his poem "In the Meadow". He moved to Telford in Shropshire at the age of 5 in 1971 and is currently employed as a Civil Servant. Mark wrote a very poignant poem about the Easter Uprising which took place in Dublin in 1916 in which his Grandfather & family were caught up in.

The Ballad of Henry Place

From out of the GPO, The Rebels, they made their retreat, Up Sackville Street they did go, Escaping up Henry Street, Moving at a speedy pace, With gunfire filling the air, They turned into Henry Place, Right into the gunmans glare, Panic & confussion, Filled their hearts with dread, Smashing down doors with their rifles, To avoid joining the ranks of the dead, Connolly is carried through a window that is open, And hoisted up the wooden stairs, Winifred Carney is praying & hoping, For Connolly, for whom she cares, The Rebels try to avoid defeat, As they pass the foot of Moore Lane, Advancing into the midst of Moore Street, The Culmination of the Patriot Game.

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