Marcus Parker (born September 3, 1974) is an American author, writer, and motivational rap artist.[1][2] He has written three books and over fifty motivational rap songs. He is also a Dallas Morning News Best-seller.[3][4]

Early life

Marcus Attended Lincoln High School in Port Arthur, Texas. Just before finishing high school Marcus was stunned as he learned who his biological father was at age 17. After graduating, he joined the United States Air Force where he was trained in electronics and ended his tour of service after four years with an honorable discharge and an associates degree in Electronics Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. He worked in the semiconductor field after his service and gained a very high income as an electronics equipment technician. Investing his earnings into tech stocks allowed Marcus to taste the good life as he was seemingly headed for an early retirement as his investments grew tremendously.[5]


After the stock crash of 2001 Marcus lost the majority of the money he had earned and then decided to invest the remainder of his money into real estate, which would later be one of the worst mistakes of his business career. After writing his autobiography "The Product" in 2004 and consequently speaking and traveling to schools and churches, and youth groups speaking to youth about staying positive and getting past their hardships, Parker was indicted by the FBI for his association with an Eric Farrington, who was a real estate tycoon who Parker met through an infomercial on late night Television. Parker took a plea bargin agreement and told the truth about what happened, which is what he knew was the right thing to do, and was able to pick up the pieces and restart a promising career that seemed to be over.[6] Marcus continued to record motivational rap music which he learned was very needed through his extensive travels to schools and trying to motivate today’s teenagers with positive messages.[7] Parker currently has 3 books, over 50 motivational rap songs, and over 600,000 views on YouTube, as he now teaches other artists how to sell their music over the internet.[8]

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  • The Product. (2004). ISBN 1418462578[9]
  • The Final Product. (2011). ASIN: B006PWUNHW
  • The Secret to Selling Music Online. (2011). ASIN: B006PY6MHA


The Antidote

Song Title Year
Break The Mold 2008
Problems 2008
Eye To Eye 2008
Product of Adversity 2008
What’s Cool 2008
Stay Driven 2008
Educate and Entertain 2008
What’s the P For 2008
The Antidote 2008


Etched In Stone

Song Title Year
Etched In Stone 2009
Mess Ya Head Up 2009
I Can Do It 2009
Loved Ones 2009
Be Yourself 2009
In My Zone 2009
I Must Be 2009
Can U Feel Me 2009
For The People 2009
We Showin Love 2009


Face The Music

Song Title Year
Sunday 2009
Playa 2009
Ain’t No Thang 2009
My Life 2009
Motivation 2009
Who Go That Flow (remix) 2009
Life’s Hard 2009


Mp3 Dope

  • 2 Track-Single
Song Title Year
Mp3 Dope 2010
Nothing’s Promised 2010


Motivational Rap University

Song Title Year
Be Yourself 2011
In My Zone 2011
Sunday 2011
Lion 2011
Flow With It 2011
Take Flight 2011
Last Time 2011
The Antidote ft. Bluu Suede 2011
Etched In Stone ft. Mr. Mayberry 2011
What the P For ft. Bluu Suede 2011


Associated Acts

Tim Hampton[15]


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