Maranatha Care Children is a non-profit charity, registered in the United Kingdom with aims surrounding multiple core ethos specifically concerning young people and their development in society and life.

All children are entitled to grow up in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment. Maranatha Care Children want to empower children and young people to fulfill their full potential as well as provide individual support for children in a number of life situations, such as deprivation of education, abuse and rights.

Media Coverage and Events

Maranatha Care Children's Director, Harrison Nash, holds annual events such as the 2011 Anniversary [1] and the 2012 Christmas Campaign [2] in order to raise money for seasonal visits and other necessities. As well as through the charity's Twitter feed and other social platforms, supporters use charity fundraising solutions such as JustGiving to raise money for campaigns on behalf of Maranatha.

  • Jethro Coulson/Aaron Pettersen carried out successful skydives.
  • Vikki Keeling completed the Plymouth Half Marathon.
  • Raph Pour-Hashemi completed the Asics London Run.
  • Yasin Soliman undertook a indoor sponsored cycle. [3]

All campaigns - general and seasonal, have a public JustGiving or GlobalGiving page with all donations, personal messages and updates shared. Some of Harrison's early work was picked up by local news. [4]


An annual report is published and emailed to supporters, with a yearly newsletter also being published online. The 2012 copy of the Newsletter is readable here.

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