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From sea to pharmacy

ManRos Therapeutics[[1]] is a pharmaceutical company developing protein kinase inhibitors. Protein kinases are interesting targets for the development of new active drugs against diseases. The diseases targeted by ManRos Therapeutics[4] are cancers, leukemia, neurodegenerative diseases and some kidney diseases.


ManRos Therapeutics’ goals[5] are to develop new molecules, derived from marine organisms, and lead them to clinical trials as new promising therapies. The target molecules are protein kinases, enzymes that are related to cell cycle in life and cell death. These enzymes are involved in a great number of human diseases without efficient drugs. These diseases are cancers, tumors, polycystic kidney and some neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. ManRos Therapeutics has already started three programs, all in preclinical development against these diseases. 'The Alzheimer's disease causes considerable injuries in the brain. These injuries are caused by an abnormal accumulation of two different proteins; as the accumulation of these proteins is controlled by others, we have focused our works on finding inhibitors that can block these proteins from sea sponges says Laurent Meijer, the director of ManRos Therapeutics. Some trials are currently in progress in mouses, to set non-toxic doses[6]. The company actively collaborates with more than a dozen laboratories in Europe and in United States. In anticipation of an entry into clinical stage, in approximately two years, ManRos Therapeutics prepares to raise funds in a few months. The first fundraising has already been performed from "business angels". The Company has also received support for innovation from the Région-Bretagne [7] and from Oséo[8] . The Laurent Meijer’s team of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS[2]) studies for years on the antitumor or anti-neurodegenerative properties of molecules secreted by sea sponges and ascidians, marine invertebrates, to keep away predators. In humans, such molecules are likely to act on protein kinases. The research led to the discovery of the roscovitine, a molecule presently patented by CNRS and tested in clinical phase against an eye disease which can lead to blindness: glaucoma[9] .

Fields of application:

         • Cancer research/ Oncology.
	 • Immunology, Allergy, Hematology, Infectious Diseases.
	 • Polycystic kidney.
	 • Central Nervous System.

Historical background:

Founded in 2007, ManRos Therapeutics[10] is a startup in biotechnology. It is part of cluster Mer-Bretagne[11]; it operates on some of the patents of CNRS and of the University Paris-Descartes, establishments of origin of the two scientific co-founders of ManRos Therapeutics. Those patents allow to synthesize some molecules and to perform clinical trials. Once beneficial effects have been demonstrated, ManRos Therapeutics can sell its own patents to pharmaceutical companies.


ManRos Therapeutics[12] is hosted at the hôtel de recherche Perarhidy[13] at Roscoff (Finistère), and already employs a team of ten people, chemists and biologists. ManRos Therapeutics hopes to expand itself on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, as its name let you guess, "Man" for Manhattan and "Ros" for Roscoff. The company plans to open an affiliate in the East River Science Park, so to accelerate its Research and Development and "business development" in the United States. The establishment in the United States would let find financings more easily than in Europe. ManRos Therapeutics is one of the 100 start-up "the most promising" of France in a recent financial magazine[14] . Such a new should facilitate the obtaining for financings[15] . The start-up ManRos Therapeutics is developing the roscovitine (CYC202 or Seliciclib) which is an inhibitor of CDK (Cyclin Dependent Kinase). The roscovitine is a synthetic product obtained from the work on the starfish Marthasterias glacialis[16] . The roscovitine is in Phase II clinical trials against lung and nasopharyngeal cancers and in clinical Phase I trials against the glomerulonephritis.

The founders:

ManRos Therapeutics is a start-up cofounded by Laurent Meijer, a biologist and by Hervé Galons, chemist at the University Paris-Descartes (Paris V). Dr. Laurent Meijer is the director of ManRos Therapeutics [17]. Originally from Brittany, he knows very well the American scientific environment: he spent seven years in the United States where he collaborated successively with three Nobel prizes: Edwin Krebs (1992), Paul Greengard (2000) and Tim Hunt (2001) at the Rockefeller University in New York City. Hervé Galons, is a professor of organic chemistry at the University Paris-Descartes (Paris V), where he leads a laboratory of 10 researchers. He is specialized in the chemical changes of organic compounds (amino acids, carbohydrates, steroids, purines).


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