Malaysia Indian Youth Association (MINDYA)

Background of MINDYA

Malaysia Indian Youth Association (MINDYA) is a youth development organization registered under Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia. MINDYA is independently managed by a team of talented and dedicated youth members around Malaysia.

The primary goal of MINDYA is to inspire Indian youths to uphold the legacy and tradition of indian community and to provide them with developmental and enrichment activities/programs with a strong educational agenda; and to inspire Indian youths to have positive aspirations.

MINDYA’s programs and events promote and enhance the development of indian generations between the ages of 6 to 60 by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.

MINDYA collaborates with other Indian youth organizations and we host annual networking sessions with several committees to have mutual understandings of the individual purposes we serves as youth organizations.

Objectives of MINDYA

1. The main objective of MINDYA is to inspire indian youths to contribute to their community and nation.

2. Nurtures indian youths to uplift the culture and legacy of indian community.

3. Ensure the development of Indian youths in their academic/ career path.

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