"Mailboxing" is an 3D action arcade iPhone/iPad game released in December 2011 by Asketic design studio based in Riga, Latvia. The Game has been inspired by an (1993) movie "Dazed and Confused" and the criminal activity using baseball bat to smash mailboxes or so called "mailboxing".

In the game users can use the iPhone or iPad screen to tap and smash mailboxes while tilting device to steer car. The goal of the game is to score the highest score while achieving new character. Main story line talks about a crazy granny called "Babushka" who has gone mad and started to smash towns mailboxes. She is joined by the "Rebel family" with different game characters. Mailboxing game has been featured story in a lot of Latvian media as the first Game that has been fully developed in Latvia. (See references)




The game is played with iOS device (iPhone/iPad) by using devices touchscreen to smash mailboxes and the accelerometer to tilt and steer vehicle. As the player progresses the game starts to speed up. The game has achievable characters "Babushka", ""General Hanz", "Red Crocodile", "Von Der Bear" and "Mr. Shneider" which can be opened by tweet post on users account.

Game critics have been sharing their thoughts about the game and called it as an rather addictive game, (Slide to play):"If Grand Theft Auto 3 is a Master's course in mayhem, Mailboxing is Intro to Anarchy 101. In this high-score driving and action game, you're more of a vandal than a criminal mastermind."

Design and Development

Game is builde using Ogre 3D engine Xcode 4.2, Box2D Physics engine and other technologies. Design of the games is keept in simple animation style which is delivered by 3D graphics. The game uses game center integration that let the users sync their scores to the world wide gamer network.

Social Impact

The games has been featured story in Latvian bigest Business web sites as an example to enter the apple iOS market and increase Latvian IT product export for world wide markets. The article talks about the creators sharing their insights about the startup capital for game which reaches 50 000 dollars and the development process of the game.


Mailboxing has had several updates since the December 2011.

  • January 2012 update to Version 1.1.0
  • May 2012 update to Version 1.2.1

External links

Mailboxing on the an independent apple product fan site in Latvia. The game was also featured in independent IT site The game was also featured in Polish iOS community site Cssmania an design source site picked up the mailboxing game and featured it as great design page.

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