Magican Software is an independent Mac software developing and delivering company established by several passionate Mac fans in 2010. Most developers of Magican are SOHO and they set up a small company in the Virgin Islands as the first version released on Oct 2011.


Magican is a third-party all-in-one system utility for Mac OS that represents an advent product in monitoring/protection/performance utilities for the Mac OS X. [1]

Magican is a comprehensive solution for the protection and optimization of Mac created by Magican Software Ltd. The Craziest Way Ever To Optimize, Monitor, And Clean Your Mac Is Also Free. [2]

Magican Software Ltd has updated the app 30 times since Oct 2011.

Magican is a system optimization tool for Mac OS X used to keep your Mac running smoothly. In short, Magican is Mac’s doctor.[3]

Magican is available to users world wide but is localized in English, Japanese, French and Spanish.


Quick Clean

Quick Clean finds and removes junk files such as system logs, redundant browser caches, previous junk leftovers, language packs and useless binaries.

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner detects and removes files that are the same size and have the same contents.


Security center helps protect against a variety of Trojan and scans downloads files automatically.


Optimizer allows the user to optimize Mac by setting default applications, managing start-ups and hidden feature settings.


Stats monitors the disk, memory, CPU, sensor, fan, network and battery in real time.

Software Center

Software Center recommends new, discounted and the free apps from the Mac App Store and access to App uninstall.


Toolbox includes tools such as Magican Document, Magican File and Magican Rest.


Hardware gives a user detailed hardware information.

Critical reception editor's review states, "Magican is a massive system optimization and cleaning utility for Mac OS X." [4] In addition, Magican was awarded as The High Tech Society’s 10 Best Software Picks of 2012.[5]


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Magican Lite

Magican Lite is a system utility that can help users monitor more information, including network download and upload speed, a three-day weather forecast and job memory and CPU usage. If a job takes up too much memory, users can end individual jobs with one click. In addition, the memory release option displayed in a floating window can help to free up inactive memory. Now Magican Lite is integrated into Magican.

Magican Paster Lite

Magican Paster Lite is a totally free network monitoring application. It helps users to monitor network conditions visually. With this network-monitoring tool, Mac users can see their online connection speed through the download speed and upload speed options. It’s very easy to use-all you have to do is open Magican Paster Lite, and all of your network conditions will be displayed!

Magican File Lite

Magican File Lite is a free file manager. It helps users manage files through multiple operations such as copy, cut, paste, delete, create files and folders. Searching for files, displaying file properties and opening terminals are also available through Magican File Lite.

Magican Paster

Magican Paster is the first network monitoring software provided by Magican and has quickly become popular among thousands of Mac users all over the world.


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