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Kall-len was born on the hell planet, Artisan where her mother treated her like a slave for unknown circumstances and her father abandoned her when she was born, it has been mentioned that Magic Girl is a metahuman that possesses magical abilities, she escaped her home planet when she was fifteen and crashed-landed on Earth in a town named, Millennium City where she was founded by a bartender named, Joe on his way home he took her in and raised her as his adopted daughter who he would name, Amy Welsh, Amy would work at a popular club in Millennium City called, Club Caprice where she would bartend with her father, little did Amy know that her mother found out about her powers and would send one of her strongest warriors to Earth to capture Amy and bring her home to use her powers to rule Earth Amy and her new adversary now dubbed, Ms. Shadow went toe-to-toe with each other Amy got the name Magic Girl after Ms. Shadow taunts her in the middle of the fight, it wasn't until Amy was exposed to a magical gem named, Geminite where her powers would fade and even her life along with them Amy managed to defeat Ms. Shadow and send her packing stating that they'll meet again Amy then dubbed herself, Magic Girl and would soon join the teenage superteam called the, New Titans before renaming themselves, Teen Justice with the team leader, Red Hawke, the savage brute, JayyKidd, the living computer, Ice Kid and many more costumed teens sworn to serve and protect

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