Madhurima is a TV anchor (presenter or host) on the Indian Telugu TV channel Maa Gold. She presents cooking program [1]of the channel called Justtt Cooking aired at 11.00 IST Monday to Friday [2] and repeated at 18.30 IST. On Saturdays & Sundays its at 11.30 IST.

The main difference between this and other similar Indian cooking programs is that she carries the show single handed [3]. In other Indian cooking [4]programs the anchor keeps talking to the chef and the chef keeps explaining to the anchor the ingredients and the process (they very rarely face the camera) whereas in this program Madhurima as she cooks she keeps talking and explaining the recipe and the process to us [5](the audience) by talking facing the camera always.

In other Indian cooking programs [6]we the audience are treated as third parties whereas in this program we the audience are the second party.

The second difference is that in all other Indian cooking programs the anchors always wear saris whereas Madhurima never wears saris but wears various interesting outfits[7].

The third difference is that in other Indian cooking programs [8]the anchors ask unnecessary questions to the chef like What do you do? What does your husband do? How many children do you have? What do they do? Can you sing a song for us? .... etc. whereas Madhurima fully devotes the time only for explaining the recipe and the process[9]. Presentation is completely different to other programs.

A lot of videos are available on youtube of Just Cooking [10] and other Indian cooking programs.



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