According to Mach, the distribution of masses around the Universe are responsible for inercia at definit place. Dr. Marcelo Samuel Berman has postulated the following:

First Machian Postulated - Zero Energy: The Total Energu Of The Machian Universe is zero, when all kings of energy are accounted for including gravitational energy. Second Machian Postulated - Sphericity: The Universe Resembles Aspherical Ball. Third Machian Postulated - Democracy: All observes are equivalent, each one can be at the center of the ball. Fourth Machian Postulated - Freezer: You Can Consider The Universe as a ball, whereby the expansion can be freezed while studyng the Universe at a given instant of time. [1]


  1. Marcelo Samuel Berman, Realization Of Einsteins Machian Program (Nova Science Publishers, New York 2012)
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