MTAS (MSys Test Automation Solutions) is a ground breaking testing solutions developed by MSys Technologies which includes Functional Testing, Regression, Load testing, End to End testing and Mobile testing. MTAS has a plug in based architecture, wherein the necessary plugins can be installed and customised according to the client requirements. MTAS automation solution has benefited customers in reducing the testing cycle times, lowering regression times, improved time to market and has a great ROI.


MTAS is an automated testing solutions offered by MSys Technologies. MTAS test automation solutions makes it the perfect solutions for Functional, regression, cross platform testing for a wide range of applications including Web, Windows, Flex, Data base, Mobile applications etc.

Plug-ins of MTAS

MTAS testing plugins covers Web, Windows, Flex, GUI, Telnet, Mobile applications, Database etc. Also, MTAS has plugins to integrate with Test case management software’s, providing an easy interface with external management software’s.

MTAS notable features include Record and playback, multiple verification points, screenshot viewer feature etc. With the recording and playback in built, it assists even a novice user to test complex test cases. Even the advanced users find it helpful in handling regression tests when new features are added to an application. Also, with the testing expertise MSys has customised plugins to cater to the client needs.

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