Manx Gymnastics Centre of Excellence

MGCE, also known as the Manx Gymnastics Centre of Excellence, is a Gymnasium located on the Isle of Man, the gym is one of 2 gymnastic centres on the Isle of Man. The gym caters for many different types of gymnastics, ranging from, baby gym, a group where mothers & fathers engage in fun activitys with there baby's, and tots, that help gain physical strength from a young age, to Elite Gymnastics, that have some of the toughest training program's in Great Britain The Elite groups, can be the making or breaking point of an Olympic gymnast, the gym houses most of the best gymnasts on the Island, including, Emily Dale-Beeton, who competed in the Commonwealth Youth Games , at the age of 12-13, She also carried the Olympic Torch for the isle of man 2012, in-turn with a few other people, she was one of the youngest people to hold the Olympic torch, along with Gemma Kirkham, age 12. The gym is also home to other excellent gymnasts, such as Ciara Goddard, Nicole Burns and Holly black, who work at the same level as Emily Dale-Beeton, and then there's, Tara Donnelly, Rebeccca Johnson, Aoifa Donnelly, Grace Harrison, all of which have competed at a international level, competing in competitions over seas, and places such as Malta, they all train vigorously hard, some putting in up to 24 hours a week, sacrificing many things along the way on there path to becoming great gymnasts, even training before school and on Saturdays and Sundays, there are also many other great gymnasts that attend the gym, but this was just a short list, but there are a few others, such as Chloe Donnelly, who is the youngest of 3 Donnelly sisters, and a rising star. When competing across seas, the 2 gyms often work together combining there top gymnasts and often come out in the Higher rankings, however when competing on island, there competing against each other, this means the is a slight friendly rivalry, the Ellan Vannin Gymnastics Centre, houses many great gymnasts as well, such as Katie Kneen, Stacey Saltwell, Tara Ferguson, Iona Cheetham and many more. Only certain people are cut out to be gymnasts and even fewer to be great gymnasts, but the few people that are, will go far, for more information check out the MGCE website, here, or the Ellan Vannin Website, here.

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