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Eystone A. Mukubi better known as MALUDA is the fist born of two was born in September 2nd 1988. MALUDA is a Kenyan Christian Hip-Hop artist affiliated to NYNP .Thus far he has been features in multiple mix-tapes and has currently launched his album titled TRANSFORMED. He is also a member of a group called ETERNAL MC’S.

Early Life

After his parents divorced he was raised by his my mom in my early child hood “we kept on moving form place to place. Life was difficult back then my mom was struggling to make ends meet for us, but she always did the best she could all this moving usually had an effect on us because of changing areas and friend however I had not given my life to Christ until I cleared high school at the age of 19” –picked from an interview. After leaving with his mom for a while he decided to move in with my dad while his sister stayed with their mom.


MALUDA was born and raised in East-lands in Nairobi Kenya at a place called Jericho Lumumba. Anyone who knows his ways around Eastland should know that Jericho is an infamous estate infested with drug peddlers, gangs, drug dealers and all sorts of perversions, once known as the most dangerous estate in East-lands. Being brought up there was kind of challenging because of the moral decay and the pressure to fit in, “I thank God for delivering me from all the crazy ways people chose to live around here. Despite all the bad life style God made a way for me to find peace in Him and make good decisions” He started rapping when he was in form 2 back in high school it started as a joke when he saw someone do it and he thought he could do it also, only better than them, so the journey began after writing many Christian songs the young rapper did not have a place to record and also, he confesses to first embarking on this musical journey for the wrong reasons such as fame and money despite writing Christian music he only wanted to fulfill my hearts desires not God's will.

After clearing high school in 2006 MALUDA gave his life to Christ in 2007 11th February a few months after meeting Othole Mukama and Jackson Obumba of NYNP (Ndani Ya Nyumba Productions)that’s when he was challenged to live for Christ “I met young brothers who loved God and lived for His purpose and that's what challenged me to live and serve Christ REGARDLESS if i ever "make it" in this gospel industry”, his intentions had now changed and after doing songs with ETERNAL MC'S and engaging with them on a spiritual journey MALUDA gained the focus he needed in order to serve God whole heartedly.

At the age of 19 he gave his life to Christ while in church (I.C.C) international Christian center “I felt the Holy Spirit convicting me and I gave my life to Christ. And discovering that I could rap by the time I was in form 2 I decided to use my talent for the glory of God”. Initially MALUDA had friends that he knew were Christians and could rap and he joined them in a group they had formed earlier on called ETERNAL MC’S and together they did a collection of songs and taking MALUDA on a spiritual journey that helped him in his walk with Christ. The group was around for around four years, then they decided to take a break from music and everyone decided to peruse music individually, the he confesses that his journey as a Christian has been with trials and he has learned a lot, things like love, forgiveness, giving people second chances things that were strange to him. After carefully thinking he chose the name MALUDA. The name MALUDA means Music And Love Under Divine Authority “reason I chose that was because I wanted to make a difference in how people viewed love and lust most people do not know the difference and I intended to show God’s love the way he intended it to be that’s why I have Divine Authority in my name” then he goes on to say “the Bible also says that those who do not know God do not know love because God is love so through my music you would get to see different aspects of God's love”. Lecrae has been a great influence in my music life he inspires me to do better also guys like Triplee, Sho-Baraka, Pro, Tedashi, Cross movement, Thisl, and Flame.

When the group took a break he recorded his first single, THAT MONEY followed by PENZI LA WA SHEE ft Kamlesh and Mc Mhubiri he decided he needed something of his own and thus his album.

In April 22nd 2012 He launched his album “TRANSFORMED”,the first single of the album “That money” débuted at number five at the Christian radio show Tri-crew then went to number one.The second single of the album “Going Down” toped the tri crew charts and remained number one for one month. The album focuses from the time one realizes that they need Christ and finally the journey of being changed by Christ and some of the challenges one faces in the Christian journey. The Whole album has been mixed and mastered by Othole of NYNP records and has featured production from Othole, Jahxo and D.O of Vijarn records.

MALUDA went on tour along side B4C family and Kevo yout the tour covers mainly high schools he is was also expected to make his acting debut on a movie titled THE DEVIL GOES TO CHURCH where he was to takes the role of a pastor involved in drug sales and unscrupulous ventures, also he is working on a mix-tape titled SMOKING ACES.The first single of the mix-tape titled “GET BUSY” was dropped as a free download on his sound cloud account check it out here

Personal life

Apart from music the rapper graduated from Jommo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and is planning to go back and pursue education further MALUDA’s hope is that God will use him to impact the world and lead many to Christ; He would also like to see young people embracing Christ and forsaking the evil ways of the world as pot-rayed by the media.


Featured in Mad-love mix-tape volume 2 (2011-2012)

Featured in NYNP mix-tape 2007

Featured in NYNP mix-tape 2011

Album: Transformed -2012

SMOKIN ACES mix-tape expected to drop next year 2013

Awards and achievements

•Nominated alongside Eternal Mc’s for Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year for the 2007 Kisima Awards



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