Marco Lupis Macedonio Palermo di Santa Margherita (Rome, Italy, 1960), is an Italian journalist and photojournalist, historian and genealogist.

He began a career in journalism after a university degree in Modern Literature, specialising in Art History [1]in Lausanne (Switzerland), where his family used to live. He worked for more than 5 years as a foreign correspondent in the Far East, based in Hong Kong[2]. He works for the most popular Italian magazines and newspapers, Panorama, Il Tempo, Corriere della Sera, L'Espresso, la Repubblica, and for the Italian State Television RAI (broadcast in Mixer and Format, and in the main news Tg2 and Tg3)[3]. He also works for the Italian all-news channel, Rainews24 [4] and is a correspondent for the Telegiornale della Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana, RTSI[5].

With more than 20 years and 700 articles, he has described most of the historical changes in the last decades, mainly focusing on the Far East and Latin America. [6]

As a photojournalist, he has mainly published his pictures in the Italian weekly magazines Sette, Io Donna (with the Corriere della Sera), and il Venerdì and D La Repubblica delle Donne with La Repubblica[7].

As a result of his job he has visited more than 70 countries, including Antarctica while working with a Russian scientific expedition in 2001, reaching the British Antarctic base of Port Lockroy on Goudier Island (64º49’S, 63º29’W)[8].

Special Correspondent from Asia and Latin America

Several of Marco Lupis's reports have been translated and published in major international newspapers, like El Pais in Spain, El Clarin in Argentina and in the Washington Post in the US. [9]

In 1993, as special correspondent for Sette (the Corriere della Sera weekly magazine), Lupis was the first Italian journalist to interview the Mexican revolutionary leader sub-comandante Marcos in the Mexican jungle of Chiapas [10].

He has worked several times in the war zone, corresponding from the last decade's most important conflicts, like the Kosovo War. He has written about the massacres following the declaration of independence in East Timor; also the USA war activity on board the American aircraft carrier, Uss Roosevelt during the Kosovo War, the turnover of the ex-colonies of Hong Kong and Macao to China, and the dramatic SARS epidemic in China[11].

In his articles, Lupis frequently writes about human rights violations in Asia, from the death camps in North Korea and the Chinese Laogai, to the Chinese atrocities in Tibet, interviewing many dissidents like Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar [12].


From the beginning of the Eighty's Marco Lupis has spent a lot of time working and researching in the domain of genealogy and family history, as a reputee member of Collegio Araldico in Rome (since April 30, 1989, Accademia Araldica Nobiliare Italiana in Florence, Istituto del Sacro Romano Impero (since May 15, 1989) and as Honorary Member of Colegio Heráldico Antoniano de Lisboa (since Oct. 13th, 2008),Instituto Heraldico de Buenos Aires (since Dec. 12th, 2008) and Academia Nacional de Heráldica de Colombia (since Dec. 18th, 2008).

Since 2005 is the president of Libro d'Oro della Nobiltà Mediterranea - Gotha of the Mediterranean Nobility hosted by Società Genealogica Italiana - Italian Genealogical Society.

Marco Lupis works and lives between Italy [13] and Hong Kong.



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