Luxurie is a rap group out of the Southwest of Houston, Texas that's tearing the streets up. Tweezy Aka "Dice Game Slaughter" and Figga Aka "Camcorder Slaughter" are two brothers raised on Fondren and W. Airport in a single parent environment and used music as a way to shy away from trouble. While doing shows in Dallas, Texas and every open mic concert in the city they have created a strong backing. This enabled the duo to open up for acts such as Omarion, Charlie Boy, Juvenile, Jim Jones, Plies, Marcus Houston, Mario, Pretty Ricky and many more. Now the duo is known at different colleges and creating a new sound that brings more to the table than what the average artist brings. With Figga's witty word play and Tweezy's gruesome punch lines they are destined for greatness. Introducing there new single "Shut It Down" Luxurie will be taking the next step to reaching the majors. Some of the Tag Teams inspirations include Lil Wayne, Camron and Jay-Z. This group has enough talent to be the next stars out of Houston. The Black Card Movement is being compared to Dipset and Young Money as the Local Celebrities phrase "Am I Plane enough" is taking the city by storm. Stay tuned for whats coming up next from the Tag Team of unlimited rhymes, skills, and style. "Are they Plane Enough"... #ThaLyfe

Luxurie - A Day In Tha Lyfe of "Luxurie" Coming Soon..03:54

Luxurie - A Day In Tha Lyfe of "Luxurie" Coming Soon... ThaLyfe

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