Lutors are an Mexican rock band from Mexicali, Mexico, which formed in 2008. The band consists of work and school friends Rodrigo Ortega (lead vocals,electric bass), Luis Nandez (second vocals keytar,keyboards),Abelam Cornejo (lead guitar,rhythm guitar,piano) and Alonso Yee (drums, percussion).


2008–2013: Formation and early years

In late 2008, Luis Hernandez and Rodrigo Ortega also a member of a local band, decided to undertake a very unusual project in the local scene of Mexicali. With the passing days and playing in local events they invite Abelam Cornejo and Alonso Yee. The band formed has been working in the studio preparing his first song that will premiere early 2013.

Lutors Single(2013)

They are currently working on their first single (name not published yet) that will be released in late January 2013. This production will feature Cesar Padilla in post-production and mixing, and mastering at Skye Mastering by Denis Blackham at London

Musical style

Lutors's sound is not easily defined and there are situations where definitions are impossible. They are an Electronic rock band and are often associated with Alternative rock and Space rock. Their music currently mixes sounds from genres such as Electro, Hard rock, Experimental rock, and many others.

Band members

Official members

Touring musicians
  • Cesar Padilla – keyboards, synthesizers, sequences, (2013–present)


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