Luke Nash-Jones is a centre-right British political campaigner who is President of Birkbeck Conservative Association, Deputy Chairman (Membership) of Bramley Conservative Association, Vice-President of London Students for Britain [1][2] and Chair of Software Engineers for Britain.[3][4][5][6]

Early life

Nash-Jones descends from Welsh miners, who emigrated to Zimbabwe, and English dockyard workers.[7][8] He grew up on a Welsh farm in Carmarthenshire and he is a London Welsh RFC supporter. He worked a variety of jobs, including as a janitor, before teaching himself software engineering.[7]

Computer Science

In September 2016, Nash-Jones formed the Birkbeck Computing Society (then the Birkbeck Informatics Society) with Jilesh Kacha and Lilyana Kyuchukova. He was appointed President.[9][10] The society is now a student chapter of the British Computer Society.[11]

Political campaigns

He is a very passionate Thatcherite [12] who also supports libertarianism, especially free market economics. He strongly supports social mobility and wants welfare reform to help the homeless get off the streets.[7] He is admires Dan Hannan, Michael Gove, David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson.[8]

Student Politics

At the Birkbeck Conservative Association [13] AGM,[14] on the 21st of November 2015, Nash-Jones was elected as President of Birkbeck Conservative Association at the University of London.[15][16] He proudly claims to chair probably the most diverse society committee on campus in regards to gender, race and sexuality.[17][18]

On the 30th of November 2015, Nash-Jones was elected as a member of the Birkbeck Student Union Court,[19] and a Portfolio Officer (Mature Students) [19] of the Student Union Council who received the most votes at the last election.[2][20] He is one of a number of Student Union officers who resigned because they believe Birkbeck Student Union ignored their demands to properly investigate serious allegations of student bullying.[7]

Welsh Heritage

Nash-Jones supports a federal approach to the UK, wanting neither London nor Brussels, but the Welsh people to determine Welsh affairs, particularly in regards to Welsh language and culture.[8] He set up Birkbeck Celtic Society and campaigned for there to be a Celtic History Month in the style of Black History Month, Woman's History Month and LBGTQ+ History Month to celebrate the language and culture of Welsh, Scottish, Manx, Cornish and Irish indigenous people of the British Isles.[21][22]
File:Nash-Jones outside ZIm embassy.png

Swiss approach to the EU

Nash-Jones expresses that he loves Europe, even speaks French and Polish, but does not support a Federal Republic of Europe.[2] He is very keen for the UK to rejoin European Free Trade Association, so as to reestablish free trade with the Commonwealth of Nations. He is a strong advocate of the Swiss model, and demands a British model to give the UK back control of domestic policy. He feels it is offensive to citizens of Commonwealth Realms such as Australia that they don't have the same ease of entry to the UK as EU citizens do, and wants equal consideration to be given to anyone who applies to live in the UK regardless of which continent they come from.[7]

He proposed a successful Birkbeck Student Union Council motion ensuring both sides of the EU referendum are respected by the union, enabling students to campaign for either side. He co-founded the cross-party London Students for Britain society at the University of London along with fellow Conservative Phil Sheppard and UKIP's Alex Nieora, to campaign on London campuses for a Leave vote in the EU referendum on June the 23rd.[23]> He assists with co-ordinating the society and encouraging membership.[7]

At the London Students for Britain event The Great Brexit Debate, co-hosted by London Students for Britain, the London Union Society, Birkbeck Conservative Association and UCL Libertarian Society, Nash-Jones formed a panel alongside Jacob Rees-Mogg, Peter Lilley, Alex Nieora, Chris Bryant, Stephen Gethins and Casper Hobhouse.[23][24][25][26] He addressed the University of London, comparing Magna Carta and the post-WW1 concept of universal sovereignty to the autocratic approach of the unelected European Commission which now makes the majority of laws affecting Britain. He also hit back at scaremongering regards the economy, talking of how the strength of the British economy and EU reliance on the British market for survival would ensure a free trade deal post-Brexit. He attacked claims Brexit is a far right idea by making reference to the "nice, law-abiding people" of the Channel Isles and Isle of Man who are British but not part of the EU.[8][27]


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