Luigi Pizzimenti (born June 4, 1963) is an Italian author, speaker and space journalist. He currently lives in Milan.


Pizzimenti is the manager of the Astronomical Observatory of Tradate (known as FOAM13) and is known for his publications and presentations about the Apollo Program.

Since 1990, he has gathered data relating to the Space Age, writing articles for magazines and working with museums, public and private institutions for the dissemination of the history of human flight to the Moon. He has also worked as a scientific consultant for museums, media and advertising.

In December 2009 he published the book: Progetto Apollo.[1]

Since 1999 he has prepared various astronautical exhibits, including:

Since 2010, Pizzimenti has served as an Ambassador of the European Moon Tree Foundation that is chaired by the daughter of Stuart Roosa (Apollo 14).

From 2011 he has worked with Giovanni Mongini to create a museum of spaceflight in Gaiba (province of Rovigo), where they will exhibit his extensive collection of space artifacts.

Pizzimenti has collaborated with Paul Attivissimo on the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal of NASA and has written several essays for the science fiction series Nova published by Perseo Libri.[5][6]


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