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Ludumus Moonshine (born 1936) is an exotic chef. Raised in Central Europe, his current city is unknown. He learnt cooking from David Adams in his youth and then went on to inspire people with his unusual dishes.

Early Life

Ludumus Moonshine was born to Nicholas Vintolae (born 1899, died 1962) and Lura Diesco (born 1902, died 1971). He had two brothers, whose names are unknown.

Career and Disappearence

Ludumus is most well know for inventing a variation of the popular dish Escargot[1], in which he stewed the snails and turned it into a dessert, served with pineapple and occasionally pears and peaches as well[2].

However, in 1952, Ludumus became bankrupt and homeless due to the unpopularity of this dish. He is said to have suffered from clinical depression[3] for a short while before working in a small road stall. It was here where he met his future wife, Lyn Dara. They got married in 1959 and had one son, Kran Moonshine.

Ludumus dissapeared in 1962 following the sudden death of his father. He left his wife and children in Europe.

Theories about Ludumus Moonshine

His Escape to Asia

A group of students claim that Ludumus walked to Central Asia and is now living somewhere between Cambodia and Thailand. This theory has been rejected.

His death

Studies claim that the dead body of Ludumus was found near Calais, France, although it is not certain how he got there. The unnamed body had a severed jugular vein and was also said to have acute food poisoning at the time[4].


"Moonshine and Escargot", Thomas Harvara 1967

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