Lucy Grantham aka Lucy Grunther[1] (born October 13, 1951) is an American actress.[2]

Early life

Grantham was born in 1951 in Brooklyn, New York.


She is best known for her role as Phyllis Stone in Wes Craven's controversial 1972 horror film The Last House on the Left, which is the only film credit to her name.

In the documentary "Celluloid Crime of the Century" Last House co-star Fred J. Lincoln states that "she came from X-rated movies, she was doing all that stuff to get back at her dad.".

In 2002, Grantham appeared in the documentary It's Only a Movie: The Making of Last House on the Left, included in the film's 30th anniversary DVD release.[2] In 1973, she appeared in the documentary film Loops, which was directed by Shaun Costello and featured her Last House co-star Fred J. Lincoln who also appeared in the documentary.[3]

Grantham revealed in the interview that the scene in The Last House on the Left in which her character was forced to urinate, it was not a bag containing liquid, in fact, it was Grantham who urinated herself for the sake of making the film,[4] despite the fact that in David A. Szulkin's book on the making of the film it notes that a wet makeup sponge was concealed in her jeans.[5]


  • The Last House on the Left ... Phyllis Stone (1972)
  • Loops ... Herself (1973) (documentary film)
  • It's Only a Movie: The Making of Last House on the Left ... Herself (2002) (video documentary)


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