Lucas Martins Fornazieri (born July 25, 1991, São Paulo) was a Professional Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist fighting in Brazil, where he was considered a top 15 Heavyweight Fighter. Nicknamed "Coisa Ruim", Fornazieri is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Rocian Gracie and a accomplished Amateur Muay Thai Fighter. He became famous for his speed and agility due to his size. He's one of the fastest fighters in his weight class. Lucas has been sidelined due to a Shoulder injury that he suferred in his last fight in June 2009, and in December 29, 2012 has not been medically cleared to return to the ring.

Early Life

Fornazieri was born in São Paulo, Brazil. His family also lives in São Paulo. He started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 15 and then began Muay Thai and MMA at the age of 16. His weight lifting training began in 2008, at Peck Deck, a respected gym in São Paulo, where he met Gil, a conditioning training expert, and where he also met Marcos, o Gorilla, an accomplished weight lifter who helped Lucas in his daily training. Lucas stated that these are the only two people in the world that he would never fight.

Mixed Martial Arts Career

Fornazieri's first MMA fight was in late 2007 when he defeated Felipe dos Santos by armbar in the first round. He then went in a 11 fight winning streak, with notable wins over Juninho Chocolate, Muay Thai expert Eduardo Souza, and a KO in just 13 seconds when he defeated the american fighter John Smith in International Fighting Brazil 2. His only fight that went to a Decision was in December 13, 2008 when Fornazieri won a very close Split Decision against Pedro Negão. He then fought Negão in a rematch, where he won in decisive fashion, chocking out his opponent after securring a very tight Arm Triangle Choke in the second round.

Shoulder Injury

In his last fight, after Fornazieri TKO'ed fellow Brazilian Murillo Dragão in June 27th 2009 , his opponnent assaulted him after the match, resulting in Lucas falling from the ring and landing on his shoulder, which caused a serious injury. In the first shoulder surgery, somes bone fragments were removed, but even after 6 months of recovery, he wasn't able to get fully healed. Fornazieri had a second surgery May 18th 2010, a third in late 2011, and fourth in January 2012, and will not be cleared to fight again since having a fifth surgery is too dangerous.

Personal Life

Lucas loves music of many sorts, Metal and Rock 'n Roll mainly. He plays the drums whenever he can. Fornazieri is also a Video-Game fanatic. Lucas also has a passion for massages, working a part time job in his gym in São Paulo as the main masseur.

Amateur MMA Record

Result Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 11–0 Brazil Murillo 'Dragão' TKO (Strikes) Fury Fighting 14 02009-06-27June 27, 2009 1 1:09 Brazil São Paulo, Brazil After the fight Lucas was assaulted by Dragão, resulting in a shoulder injury
Win 10–0 Brazil Juninho 'Chocolate' Marques KO (Body Shot) Luta Brasil X 02009-04-25April 25, 2009 2 2:33 Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
Win 9–0 Brazil Pedro 'Negão' Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) Sunday Bloody Sunday IX: Bitter Rivals 02009-02-07February 7, 2009 2 0:44 Brazil Curitiba, Brazil Won Submission of the Night Honors
Win 8–0 Brazil Pedro 'Negão' Decision (Split) Sunday Bloody Sunday VI 02008-12-13December 13, 2008 3 8:00 Brazil Curitiba, Brazil Won Fight of the Night Honors
Win 7–0 Brazil Eduardo 'Muay Thai Machine' Souza TKO (Cut) MMA Xtreme 4 02008-10-18October 18, 2008 1 4:24 Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
Win 6–0 Brazil Marcos 'Massaranduba' Submission (Armbar) Amor Pela Dor XIV 02008-09-20September 20, 2008 3 3:49 Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
Win 5–0 United States John 'Smith' Johnson KO (Punch) International Fighting Brazil 2 02008-08-28August 28, 2008 1 0:13 Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Won KO of the Night Honors
Win 4–0 Brazil Paulo 'Saraivada' Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Total Agonia I 02008-06-21June 21, 2008 1 1:31 Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
Win 3–0 Brazil Ricardo Silva Submission (Heel Hook) Predator 34 02008-04-20April 20, 2008 2 3:57 Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Won Submission of the Night Honors
Win 2–0 Brazil João 'Bagulho' Rodrigues Submission (Kimura) Natal Brutal 3 02007-12-23December 23, 2007 3 3:22 Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
Win 1–0 Brazil Felipe dos Santos Submission (Armbar) Vale Tudo 9 02007-11-18November 18, 2007 1 2:14 Brazil São Paulo, Brazil
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